Branding & Design
" Your brand is what people say about you
when you are not in the room. "
-Jeff Bezos
Expertise : Rebranding Project, Logo Design, Packaging Design
Client requested for a brand revamp on her honey product, introducing a modern, minimal and classy feel to the new logo. This assignment is then followed by a revamp of the honey bottle and carton box and gift box packaging.

The inspiration behind the new logo is based on the origin of the honey product itself, Mount Mulu. The main elements of the logo consist of the mountains, honey drop in between the highlands and a pair of bee wings flying towards the honey drop.

The box packaging consists of a more elaborated illustration of the brand story, depicting the two types of honey being harvested in the coastal and highland areas of Mount Mulu itself.
Expertise : Branding Project, Logo Design
A new social media platform that focuses on informing and inspiring the Asian community on medical and health information. With community engagement and unbiased information as the brand voice, the approach to logo design leans towards a simple and straightforward style, with a dialogue element in it to represent communication.

Colours used are more unconventional as compared to the usual medical colour palette; the yellow and green contrast gives a modern and cheerful vibe to the brand, yet balancing the colour harmony, making it easy on the eyes.
The Asian Woman
Expertise : Branding Project, Logo Design, Website & Collateral Design
The Asian Woman is a social media channel that exists to engage and empower Asian women through real life stories and meaningful conversations.

Logo design highlights a soft yet powerful feminine tone, which is reflected in the soft edges of the triangle elements paired with a strong colour palette. The three triangles of equal size represent equality, whereas the different colour shades celebrate women diversity in terms of sizes, shapes and shades.
The Vault Fitness
Expertise : Branding Guidelines, Collateral Design
Client requested for a brand guidelines deck with an existing brand logo. Branding guidelines are essential for an organisation so that its elements are kept professional and consistent.